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Zerspanen Graphit Teaser

Our dry separators are particularly suitable for the separation of graphite dusts from machining equipment. We ensure that the capturing elements are optimally adapted for the machine tool and are designed free of ignition sources.

Zerspanen Metalle Teaser

Metal dusts and cooling lubricant aerosols must be extracted from the work area. Depending on the process and the cooling lubricant used, there are different possible strategies. We design the appropriate extraction solution for every task.

Keramik Zerspanen Teaser

A variety of air pollutants are generated during cutting, grinding or spray glazing ceramics. When choosing an appropriate extraction technology, we focus on energy efficiency and maximum performance.

Zerspanen Composites Teaser

We offer individual all-in-one solutions to effectively extract and safely separate dust emissions from the processing of plastic composites.