Extraction and separation for blasting processes

Various blasting applications such as non-abrasive blasting, surface refinement blasting or shot peening generate a variety of dusts (e. g., metal, aluminum, magnesium, plastics, etc.) from physical abrasion. These dusts must be thoroughly extracted and separated for process-specific reasons, as well as industrial and environmental regulations.

The mingling of blasting material and blasting agents generates multiple dust combinations.

When designing an extraction system it is necessary to take into consideration the dust characteristics, the applicable laws and regulations, as well as the customer's requirements. The increased volume of dust, the dust characteristics (e. g., combustible, explosive, harmful, organic or mineral, dry or oily) or the design of the blast machines, are all influencing factors in the design process.

In addition to the extraction process, it is also necessary to clarify whether the transport of blasting abrasives will have an additional impact.

Suitable solutions for every blasting process

Dry separators and wet separators are both applicable for the extraction and separation of dust from blasting processes. The right choice is facilitated by the wide product range of Keller and the expertise to be able to find an optimal balance of required system technology as well as investment and operating costs.

The design of an optimal dust extraction system shall happen individually due to various factors (process, installation situation, external factors, etc.). The result are various potential solutions which might require additional pre-separators or fire and explosion protection measures.

Further information:

Brochure "Blasting processes"


Some of our installed plants

These customers rely on our extraction systems during blasting.

MTU Aero Engines, Friedrichshafen - Germany

MTU Aero Engines, München - Germany

Hirschvogel Automotive Group, Denklingen - Germany

Daimler AG, Mettingen - Germany

Nemak Dillingen GmbH, Dillingen - Germany

... and many more!

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