Reliable collection, extraction and separation of very fine dust generated during surface treatment

Polishing emits fine particulate which is almost impossible to prevent even with the most advanced production technologies.

Besides polishing dusts, polishing paste, substrate such as scrubbing fleece (cotton, other), and additional by-products of abrasion are suctioned off. Since these dusts are explosive and combustible, preventive explosion and fire protection measures should be included in the final design for dry separation.


Customized dust extraction technologies with explosion protection and feasible clean air recirculation

Dust extraction can be specially designed for your requirements using either dry or wet separation.

For dry separation processes units in the VARIO and PT series are recommended. However investment costs for wet separators in the VDN series are more economical.

KLR bran filters and additional secondary filters, depending on the requirement, are employed if purified air is recirculated back into the workplace. The service life of a filter can also be prolonged with the additional pre-separation of coarse dust particles utilizing cyclones.

A dosing unit adds limestone powder to reduce the fire and explosion risk during dry separation. Further explosion protection measures can be omitted, however the mixing ratio should remain at 9:1.


Some of our installed plants

These customers rely on our extraction systems during metal polishing.

Hoppe AG, Chomutov - Czech Republic

Keuco GmbH & Co. KG, Hemer - Germany

W-Finish GmbH & Co. KG - Witt Metallschleiferei, Schwelm - Germany

WMS Oberflächenbearbeitung, Wittlich - Germany

DURA Automotive Portuguesa Lda., Carregado - Portugal

aha Albert Haag GmbH, Korschenbroich - Germany

Oerlikon Balzers Coating Germany GmbH, Balzers - Switzerland

... and many more!

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